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Why Android made up on Linux ?

Why Android made up on Linux ?

Why Android made up on Linux

Linux kernel

First of all we need to have a good idea about Linux. See, most people call Linux as an operating system, they say Linux is installed on their PC. But installing Linux on a PC means that you have to install a Linux zone.

Linux is not an operating system, it’s a kernel, and the kernel is essential for every operating system. The kernel mainly helps to establish relationships between system software and hardware. This means Linux is the core of Linux-based operating system.

In Linux, the Linux kernel is run only, there is not only the Linux kernel, but also some other specialized Linux software is added. Linux software has its own environment and runs X graphical servers. Other Linux installations, including Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, etc, have separate software installed without the Linux kernel.

For example GNOME Desktop Invert is installed to view desktop interfaces on various Linux Districts. Suppose you installed the Linux-based server on your system, there will not be a desktop interface, the kernel is working using the command in the server, now if you want to get the desktop in it, you must install the desktop interface.

Likewise, Android is built on the Linux kernel only, but it does not have separate Linux software installed to run Linux software. Google uses Linux as the operating system kernel, and can be customized as Kenona Linux Open Source, which means it’s the way it wishes.

Google has made Android their own custom. And they do not need to create any more kernel by themselves because of using the Linux kernel. Moreover, Google does not use Google alone, many companies use Android on their phones, and they want to add some of their own features there. Since Linux is open source, so they customize according to their own wishes.

Android vs. Linux

Although Android is now built on Linux, it’s not like separate Linux distributions. Already discussed, many different types of software are installed in desktop districts, but it does not have any Android. When Android boots, it boots Linux, but after the boot, Android has its own virtual machine run, which can run Java software that runs. That means, you can say in a similar way, Android is a virtual machine run on Linux.

Let’s take an example to clean up the issue, think, your computer is running on Windows 10 operating system. That is, your system must be able to run any software on Windows. But now remember that you installed a virtual machine software on your computer and installed Ubuntu in the virtual machine.

Now think about the whole thing, your virtual machine is running on the Windows operating system, but you can not use Windows software in Ubuntu installed on the machine, and you can not even use Linux software in Windows. The virtual machine creates a completely different environment and behaves like an independent computer itself. Just like this, Linux does not support Linux Linux even though it is built on Linux.

Linux developers do not even support Android software. Kenona Linux Districts are designed to run Linux software, and there is no virtual machine installed, which can run Java applications. However, one thing is common among different Android and Linux distributions, it supports the terminal. That means you can give Linux a different Linux command. But for most Linux commands to run Android is not required to be rooted, Kenona terminal decides the route permissions to run properly.

If you can install Android Virtual Machine in Linux Districts, you can easily install and run Android software on the Linux computer. As you have seen on Windows computers, a program called BlueStacks, which runs on the virtual machine and helps you to run the Android application on your PC.

Google Chrome is built on OS and Linux, but it does not even have an X server, so it can not run linux software. Like Android, Chrome OS and other Linux distributions are very close, making some improvements will make it possible to run Linux software. On the other hand, Ubuntu Mobile OS is almost like Linux, here you can find features to use the desktop Linux on mobile.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve got clear answers to all the questions in your mind, even after working on Android Linux, it’s different from Linux. Linux’s desktop desktop and Android, two things have been created in two ways, the use of the Kenona is different.

But if you want to run Android software easily on your computer, it is possible to run any PC software by installing a virtual machine on Android. I will describe any article in the next, how to make your own operating system on the Linux kernel.

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